Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy


Terry Gordy was not a wrestler you should anger. I’ll never forget attending an untelevised match in a small elementary school gymnasium, where on that night, Terry Gordy was headlining, set to wrestle his rival at the time, Junkyard Dog. However, Junkyard couldn’t make it, so taking his place was Killer Tim Brooks. The fact that the Dog didn’t show incurred a sinister rage within Gordy. Gordy felt that Junkyard was too chicken to fight, and so as an example to what he was going to do to Junkyard later, Terry took his wrath out on Brooks by ripping the Killer’s head off his body not three seconds after the bell rang. Everyone in attendance was shocked by the scene, but to add insult to injury, Gordy punted the severed noggin into the screaming and horrified crowd! Conversely, Brooks did not die lying down. The headless Killer rolled out of the ring and ran around the gym aimlessly, bumping into everything, blood squirting out of his neck like a red gushing geyser. It was a gory mess of enormous proportions! The school had to cancel gym-class the next day because the floor was still stained wet with blood and they were still looking through the mess in attempt to locate Brook’s head, which was seemingly lost in the ruckus. It was discovered years later… mounted on the wall of Gordy’s home!

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