Killer Tim Brooks


Killer Tim Brooks was a mid-level heel often managed by Percy Pringle, Skandar Akbar, Gary Hart, or whatever other “heel” manager the WCCW had to offer.  The fans could usually count on Killer to loose to whoever he had to wrestle any particular night.

In the countless bouts he fought during his time with the WCCW, Brooks would repeatedly complain to the ref during his matches with claims that his opponent had pulled his hair right before he had gotten his ass whipped and thrown/kicked/launched outside the ring.  However, none of the WCCW refs ever actually witnessed the hair-pulling, and ultimately, Killer’s complaints were repeatedly deemed in turn as unfounded and frivolous.  Sometimes Brooks’ allegations of hair-pulling were so extreme, he would quit fighting and walk/run from the arena or gymnasium in which the match took place, thus getting counted out and essentially handing the victory outright to his opponent.

Brooks may forever continue to blame the fact that his opponents always got the better of him was due to his long locks of gorgeous, black hair.  Killer feels deep down that his hair was his handicap, and the reason he never amounted to anything as a wrestler in the WCCW.  Yet his vanity will not allow him to admit to any of this.

On the other hand, if you ask me or anyone else who repeatedly saw this man wrestle during the 1980s, we would tell you that no one ever touched that damn, thinning, greasy-ass mullet on the back-end of Killer Tim Brooks noggin.

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