Jimmy Garvin


While “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin did not grow up on Badstreet U.S.A. with the rest of the Freebirds, he was certainly an honorary affiliate of the group. Garvin would often fill in during tag matches as well as assist in brawls whenever the Fabulous needed a Gorgeous dose of help (which was often).

When Garvin lost a “Valet for a Day” match against David Von Erich back in the early 80s, Jimmy and his valet Sunshine had to show up at David’s ranch to perform a day’s worth of chores, which included hauling hay without the use of a truck and washing all of David’s dogs while the Von Erich shot skeet over his head. The Gorgeous One finally had enough when David demanded he clean the shit out of his horse stalls, and thus the two men began wailing on each other in the Von Erich barn…

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