Jake Roberts


When Jake Roberts first started wrestling in the WCCW back in 1984, he was not yet known as “The Snake”, nor did he bring any snakes to the ring. In fact, the WCCW version of Jake Roberts was wholly uninteresting. If I recall correctly, he teamed up with Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez to win then lose the six-man tag team championship to the Von Erichs.

After he entered into the WWF a few years later, “The Snake” quickly became one of my favorite wrestlers.

I’ll never forget the time he had Macho Man Randy Savage tied up in the ropes and then pulled out a huge live king cobra! Then I came unglued when he took the snake and let it sink its fangs into Macho Man’s arm! That was certainly one of the craziest scenes I have ever witnessed in wrestling.


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