Chris Von Erich


Chris was the youngest and certainly the least famous Von Erich. Did you know that Chris’ biggest rivalry was with “Stunning” (Stone Cold) Steve Austin and Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer)? Here’s a link to a YouTube clip of a tag-team match where in which Chris Von Erich teams against the two with his longtime ally, Chris Adams:

Bizarre, right?

My only memory of Chris Von Erich was the time he tackled a fleeing Gino Hernandez at the Cotton Bowl back in 1985 after Hernandez to avoid having his head shaved after losing to Kerry and Kevin in a tag-team match. Though I’m sure he did his best, Chris’ asthma reportedly hindered him from attaining the athleticism achieved by his older brothers. Conversely, I cannot recall ever witnessing Chris apply the Von Erich Iron Claw on any of his opponents during his unimpressive wrestling career. Lacking claw power and depressed over the loss of his brothers, 21 year-old Chris committed suicide September 12, 1991.

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