Buddy Roberts


When Buddy Roberts won the “Hair vs. Hair” match against Iceman King Parsons, he also won the right to shave every braid off of The Iceman’s head. But before that could go down, Iceman stole the container of the infamous Freebird Hair Cream and in a fantastic turn of events, lathered it into Robert’s hair. As everyone knows, Freebird Hair Cream will cause a full head of hair to inexplicably vanish if applied to one’s scalp. Directly after having his crown creamed, Buddy Roberts donned a helmet firmly strapped to his head at all times – he claimed his doctor ordered him to wear it due to wrestling-induced headaches. Roberts also claimed he still had all of his real hair, and insisted he was not wearing a wig underneath said helmet. Of course, every rival he faced during this time would attempt to remove Buddy’s helmet and wig to reveal his hairless noggin. I don’t know why, but wrestlers will do just about anything to hide their heads from public view once their hair has been cut off… or in Buddy Roberts case, creamed off!

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