Bruiser Brody


Whenever he’d wrestle, it never seemed to take much for Bruiser Brody to start bleeding. I recall one particular match I attended where Bruiser was bleeding profusely from his forehead (he usually always bled from his forehead for some reason) while he simultaneously fought multiple foes outside the ring. His entire head was drenched red, thickly covered with his own blood. Suddenly, Brody was whipped into the crowd at ringside whereupon a few gallons of his head-blood splashed across a group of stunned female fans. You’d think these chicks would be horrified being that this all occurred during the peak of the 1980s AIDS whoopla, but NO! After Brody was cleared out and order restored, this group of teen girls squealed with delight, vowing never to wash their blood-stained clothes. As crazy as this sounds as you look at this picture of him, Texas women were falling all over themselves for this man nearly as much as they were for the Von Erich brothers.

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