Ocean Dunes Resort & Villas

April 30, 2005

Ocean Dunes Resort & Villas
201 75th Ave North
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578-2035

Dear Ocean Dunes Resort & Villas,

I am a reserved gentleman and I do not normally nitpick, but after staying in your hotel a few weeks ago, I feel that if I do not speak up and say something about what happened to me something might happen to someone else and it may very well lead to catastrophe. When he was alive, my grandpa stayed at your once fine establishment whenever he would holiday at Myrtle Beach. Therefore, I chose to stay there as well. I suspect things have changed since his death; otherwise he would have never considered stepping foot in your hotel for an instant. My single night in your hotel was like living out some sort of plot in a horror novel and today I write you as a devastated man.

First, let me ask you this: Can something be done about that blasted ocean?! Why is it so loud? I would have probably slept through the whole ordeal if it were not for the thunderous insistent din of waves keeping me up all night. But with that ocean racket going on and on, I was wide awake, unable to sleep a wink. Then around three in the morning or so, the ocean blare was accompanied by a faint yet distinct sound that I could not identify. Though softer, it sounded a lot closer and in fact, immediate, as if it were surrounding me. Since the bedside lamp didn’t work (because there was nowhere to plug it in), I would have to get up and flip a light switch. But as I put my feet on the floor to turn on a light, a third sound was produced; a sort of crunching noise. I had not stepped on carpet, but something else – something that was not there when I had first crawled into the bed hours earlier. This crunch seemed to cause the flittering patter around me to increase. As I sat on the bed with my feet on the floor, trying to collect my thoughts and figure out what was going on, I realized that something was crawling across both of my feet and across my hands at the same time. Something vile was in the room around me. I jumped up and more or less danced the bathroom, trying to prevent my feet from touching the floor because every step caused that awful crunching sound whenever my foot hit the ground. I was already screaming before I could even flip the light on because I realized that something was in my hair, and once the room was illuminated, I screamed as I’ve never screamed before.

What I saw in one word: Roaches. Thousands, possibly millions of roaches plagued my room and even weeks later as I write this letter, my very soul remains scarred. They covered the floor, the walls, the furniture, everything! They were even on the ceiling! I had unknowingly been laying in them as they were all over my bed. I shook out my hair and roaches were falling out! They were scattering all over my pajamas! I literally had to shake and dance them off my body!

The concentration of roaches seemed to be teeming from the balcony, as the door was left partially open to allow some ventilation as the air conditioner did not provide adequate cooling ability. It was there that the fiends seemed to be bunched up in a large glob on the floor, swarming all over each other in a huge sphere of maliciousness. I could not see the curtain covering the balcony door because these bugs coated every inch of the fabric.

Thankfully, I had packed my day clothes my suitcase and closed it after I readied myself for bed, so I seized my luggage and dashed out of the room. I can not recall the last time I wept, but on the way down in the elevator I began to bawl uncontrollably. It was a shameful sight, and when those doors opened, I ran to my car and left the repulsive spectacle behind.

However, I still see the roaches in my mind every day and night since, and I have not slept well. How dare you allow this to happen to me?! I demand an explanation as well as a written apology along with a detailed action plan outlining your intentions to ensure that this never again occurs in your hotel. In the meantime, I will refrain reporting this incident to the proper authorities, pending your response, which I expect within two weeks.



Barry Cuda

Ocean Dunes Resort & Villas:
Still waiting on a response… they don’t seem to care about their roach problem.

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