Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel

August 14, 2000

Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel
PO Box 5637
Bossier City, Louisiana 71171

Attention: Stephanie Brust, Hotel Manager

Dear Ms. Brust:

I made my first visit to Bossier City with my grandfather last week, and several friends recommended that I make reservations and stay at your hotel, so we did. First, let me start on a positive note: The rooms were nice, and I especially liked the Jacuzzi bath.

However, it is the service in the entire hotel (including the restaurants & the front desk) that has prompted me to write you today.

Let me begin by telling you a little about the type of person I am and what I might expect as far as service goes in a hotel or it’s restaurants. I’m not a very demanding or intimidating person by any means. When I eat in a restaurant, I expect that the wait staff will come by to refill drink, bring the check when asked, and that they smell nice and not pass gas loudly. When I call the front desk, I don’t expect to be hung up on for no apparent reason. Especially when my grandfather’s hair-piece catches fire and no one will turn off the damn fire alarm.

The first night of our stay we ate inside the hotel at Farradday’s. I thought this place was supposed to be a fancy place to eat, but boy, was I wrong. First off, (and I’m just going to come right out and say it) our waiter had a farting problem. Furthermore, he only farted when he was at our table. I don’t know what he had been eating, but it stank. Not only did his farts stink, but they were loud and disturbing, and each time he cut one loose, the entire restaurant got very quiet and turned around to look. It was so embarrassing! He never acknowledged that he was the one doing it, and just went about his business like nothing was wrong. I just know most of the people in that place thought it was either my grandfather or I. By the time we got our food, out appetites were lost.

I’m not going to pretend to be a casino expert, but the people working in there are rude. My grandfather tried to use his own lucky dice on the craps table, and some fat dude behind the table nearly had a cow! He refused to let my granddad use his lucky dice (which by the way, they nearly always roll up a 7 or 11, it’s amazing). My granddad got into an argument with this fat man and the next thing I know, he grabs my grandfather by the arm and violently escorts him out of the casino.

After that, we decided to go ahead and retire for the night to our room. Now, granddad likes to smoke a cigar before he goes to sleep, so he lit one up. As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed that his hairpiece is on fire, and a second later, the smoke detector is going off. He’s got a steel plate in his head and he can’t feel anything (and he also can’t hear too well, either, for he thought that the fire alarm was his watch beeping). So there he is, just sitting there on the bed with his hair ablaze, smoking away and watching television. I had to run back to the bathroom and grab the ice bucket and douse the flames on top of his head with ice water, which irritated him since the process also extinguished his cigar. I called the front desk, and in the middle of telling them the problems, they hung up on me! I called right back, and the man that answered said “The detector will go off in an hour or so” and then he hung up again. I thought an hour was too long, so I called back again. This time he told me that the noise was hurting his ears over the phone and for me to quit calling. This made me mad, so I went downstairs to talk to this guy personally. He saw me coming out of the elevator area, and as I approached the front desk, he ducked down behind it, ridiculously trying to hide or something. Another woman was there, and she proceeded to take up for him by telling me that our phone was out of order and that he couldn’t hear me. It was all annoying. So I went back upstairs to find the alarm still shrieking, but somehow my char headed granddad had fallen fast asleep. I, on the other hand, ended up sleeping out in the hall all night because I couldn’t take the noise.

I asked my friends that referred me to your hotel if they received this sort of service while staying there. They said not really. They indicated that the cocktail waitresses in your casino were drunker than the other ones at the other casinos in town (something that I also noticed, but not a big deal in my book) but other than that, no problems.

I don’t want this letter to sound like we had a horrible time: We had a great time. Even though Granddad was tossed out of your casino on the first night, they let us return the next night only to take all of our money at blackjack. I guess the thing that really bothered me was the farting waiter and the fire alarm. I may stay in your hotel again in the future, so I’m hoping that this letter will help improve a few things.



Gambler Extraordinaire

P.S. Please tell the people in the casino to start serving Grape Kool-Aid. Every time the cocktail waitress came around, I asked for Grape Kool-Aid and she told me that they didn’t have it.

Isle of Carpi’s Response:

August 22, 2000

Dear Mr. Cuda:


I was sorry to learn of the unpleasant experiences you had during your recent visit to the Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Our goal is to provide +100% customer service to all of our guest and unfortunately we fell short of that goal during your visit. I assure you that this service is not standard at our facility. After researching your comments, we discovered a problem with the telephone in the guest room you were lodged in and we have been able to correct the problem and avoid this situation in the future. In addition, a copy of your letter along with your completed comment cards have been forwarded to the Food & Beverage Department so that they will have the opportunity to address your concerns in that area.


Mr. Cuda, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, to bring this situation to my attention. We do value all comments as these allow us to better service our guest. To make up for your inconvenience, please accept the enclosed certificate for a complimentary return stay. When you are ready to make your future reservations, please fell free to contact me directly at (318) 678-7654 and I will be happy to assist you.


Stephanie Brust
Hotel Manager

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