Death Row Dog

I saw the following blurb on a Waco, Texas Internet news website on August 2nd, 2005. I was immediately inspired to write a letter…

Dog On Death Row – (07/29/2005)

A Central Texas dog is on death row. The dog named Spirit was ordered by a judge to be put down after he allegedly bit someone.

Now the dog’s owner and others in the community are fighting for the dogs life.

Bill Evans, the owner of the dog has racked up quite an animal control bill and attorney bill for Spirit. If you’d like to help out you can write or call:

Bill Evans
311 Allen Street
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
(254) 542-1424

August 2, 2005

Care of Bill Evans
311 Allen Street
Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Dear Spirit,


Dogs that bite people are BAD! Look where it got you – death row! How sad. You should be ashamed. They say all dogs go to heaven, but I’m not too sure about you. You’ve caused your owner so much money and grief; you may very well end up in doggy hell. There aren’t too many canines so bad that they’ve made the news like you have, Spirit. BAD DOG!

Didn’t your owner ever whack you with the news paper whenever you did something naughty? I’m assuming he didn’t or you wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe you need to go to a doggy therapist and get a handle on that anger problem which leads you to bite.

Spirit, though you’ve been a very bad dog, I’m writing you today in hopes that you will live. There is still some hope for you. You may have heard of Prince, the black Labrador mix who was sentenced to death for killing a rooster back in 97? Well, the judge finally told Prince that if he would leave town, he could have his life spared. There was also Taro, the 110-pound Akita from New Jersey who sat on death row for 3 years for his tendencies to attack children. Taro was finally granted a reprieve in 94 so long as he never returned back to the state of New Jersey.

Spirit, if there were ever a time to run away and never come back; now would be that time. Do what ever it takes to escape and for god’s sake, RUN! RUN, SPIRIT, RUN AWAY!



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