Claire’s Accessories

November 29, 2006

Claire’s Accessories
2400 West Central Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

RE: Lakeline Mall Claire’s Retail Store in Cedar Park, TX

Customer Relations,

This past weekend, my 13 year-old daughter went into your store at Lakeline Mall in Cedar Park and paid to have her clitoris pierced with a silver barbell. Unfortunately, I only found out early this morning after rushing my daughter to the emergency room. She was writhing around in bed half the night until she finally began screaming in agony that something was seriously wrong with her “cooter” (the word she and her mother use when referring to the vagina). Imagine my shock when I was informed by the ER nurse that the problem with my daughter amounted to the severe infection caused by the piercing one of your store associates performed on her clitoris.

My daughter had no intention of having anything other than her belly button pierced when I dropped her off at the mall last weekend (and I will admit I did not know she planned to do this, either). But after she went into Claire’s, she was coerced by one of your employees into having her clitoris pierced. She is still young and quite susceptible to pressure of this sort. I thought she would be relatively safe during her short time at the mall. I was obviously wrong!

I have tried my best to mull the situation over today in order to make some sort of sense of this, but I must say that I just do not understand how your company can legally get away with doing such a thing to a minor. As sick as it is, I realize clitoris piercings may be the latest trend, the thing all of the cool kids are doing or whatnot. Regardless, I have to ask how a reputable company such as Claire’s Accessories can defend the method of increasing their revenue by performing such a vile service? I would expect an adult could get such a piercing in the back of some dive bar or perhaps a tattoo parlor, but how do you justify allowing a child to enter your store at a local mall and have your employees mutilate her privates with foreign metal objects?



Claire’s Accessories Reply:
December 11, 2006

Mr. Barry A. Cuda
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Dear Mr. Cuda:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your daughter’s recent experience at our Lakeline Mall location. I did try to contact you on the 6th, but have not heard back from you. If you wish to speak with me regarding the matter, please contact me directly at 847.765.9662.

Thank you,

Katie Michaels
Director of Consumer Affairs

Yeah, no. -Barry

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