Astro Ice Cream

February 7, 2001

LuvyDuvy Corporation
5901 NE 14th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334

Dear Astro Ice Cream Makers:

I recently made a visit to NASA in Houston, Texas whereupon I purchased a few packets of your freeze-dried ice cream. I thought the stuff was delicious.

After eating the delicacy, I naturally wondered what it took to make such an interesting treat. I did a little self-research in addition to reading the process information on the package itself as to what was involved in making your dried ice cream. I must say that I am impressed..

What I am wondering is, have you ever freeze-dried a human body? That is, one which has died, of course. I’m sure you probably haven’t, being a food corporation and all, but I’m still left pondering the aftereffects.

I propose, in the name of science and curiosity, that we come together on this. I would have no problem in supplying the corpses, as I have two acquaintances, one who works at a cremation facility and the other who works at a morgue. I have conferred with both of them and the three of us have concluded that supplying bodies would not be an issue. Many bodies, primarily at the morgue, are unclaimed each month, most of which are donated to science. You have the facilities and the means to freeze-dry them, which is the only thing we are lacking. In addition to supplying the bodies, I will be willing to cover any and all expense that this would involve.

Should this experiment go well, I believe there could be a very lucrative market in offering the option of freeze-drying the deceased as opposed to having them buried or cremated.

Thank you for your time and I will look forward to your response.



LuvyDuvy’s Response:
Still waiting for response…

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