How to Survive a Zombie Outbreak

Organize before they rise.  You need plan now, before a zombie outbreak occurs, in order to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against the living dead.  Learn to master the use of your weapons.

Zombies typically catch their prey is by grabbing the living and pulling them in close in order to bite them.  Therefore, refrain from wearing loose clothing during a zombie epidemic.  Long hair is out of the question – so cut it as short as possible.  Logic dictates that the less the person offers up to grab, the better his chances are of survival.

Always sleep with your weapons and a flashlight nearby.  Always sleep lightly.

Though you may find yourself in fairly safe location in the midst of a zombie attack, you will want to make sure to obtain and use earplugs.  The unceasing collective moans during a zombie siege attempt can often become the horde’s unintentional form of deadly psychological warfare.  An ongoing zombie din can well cause the living within a besieged stronghold to go insane and kill each other.

No place is safe, only safer.  Always have an escape plan with as many escape routes as possible.  Have your gear and weapons ready to go at any moment.  When the time comes to flee, keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, and most importantly, remember the three “BAs” – Be Alert… Be Awake… and Be Aware…

Your life depends on this, because with zombies, if you can’t beat’em, you’ll certainly join’em.

Resource: The Zombie Survival Guide

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